The year 2347: after centuries of warfare two world powers emerge dominate: the Eurasian Commonwealth (EURCOM) and Pan American Confederation Treaty (PACT). In the 24th century Human solders have long been obsolete, having no chance of survival in the radiated battlefields. War is fought exclusively by Ultratanks, huge nuclear powered behemoths. With meter thick composite armour, the only thing capable of breaching the armour of an ultratank is the main battle cannon of another Ultratank. This is the age of the machines. The factions and their powerful mechanised armies control the world.

You are EURCOM operative #52546-3, implanted at birth with bio-synapses to interface with the BattleNET( the main tactical computer that controls the Ultratank battalion). You must lead a EURCOM battalion against PACT forces who have setup production facilities in the ruins of a city once known as Berlin.


The modern battlefield changed significantly with the advent of the compact fusion reactor. This power plant allowed battlefield vehicles to wield massively heavy armour and powerful weapons. These new class of mechanised vehicles became known as "Ultratanks" and dominated all future battles.

Game play

The objective to destroy PACT's main fabrication facility and gain control of the city. There are 6 different sectors to fight through. To complicate matters EURCOM's supply lines have been cut off. To gain raw materials for construction you need to salvage destroyed tanks from the battlefield, using the Proteus combat engineering vehicle. EURCOM's base can only manufacture relatively weak units, however if you manage to capture an enemy base you can build more powerful units. This will, in fact, prove to be crucial, because in some sectors PACT have deployed very powerful forces.

Be prepared! The enemy is both devious and unpredictable, can counter-attack at any moment and employs a scorched earth policy.

Mantis The Mantis is the work horse of the EURCOM army. Although, it's lightly armoured and only sports a single hull-mounted 180mm autocannon, it is quite cheap to manufacture.
Prowler The Prowler is a highly mobile light tank of the EURCOM mechanised army. It is poorly armoured, depending more on it's great speed to get out of enemy range. Armed with twin 80mm Gatling cannons.
Proteus The Proteus combat engineering vehicle provides many strategic purposes. It can repair other units on the battlefield, salvage raw materials from destroyed Ultratanks and capture enemy manufacturing facilities. It's lack of armament leave it vulnerable to enemy attack.
Banshee Once the backbone of the PACT mechanised army, it is now considered too underpowered and slow. It's still in service because they are cheap to manufacture and reasonably well armoured.
Wraith The Wraith is the successor to the Banshee, has been upgraded with a 34 GW power plant giving it better mobility. It has increased it's fire power somewhat with twin turret-mounted 120mm autocannon.
Marauder Armed with a PACT 300 megajoule railgun, which can accelerate projectiles to hypersonic speeds and pierce the frontal armour of any tank, destroying it instantly, however a non-critical hits yield only average damage.
Ravager Armed with the latest 150 gigawatt pulse cannon, the Ravager can deliver destruction at a great range. Because of it's weak armour it's best to keep these units out of range of enemy autocannons.
We believe PACT has been secretly working on a new class of Ultratank, but we have no intelligence on this new unit's capabilities yet.